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April 30, 2018

You Decide Fate of Kalen Schlatter

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a work in progress

You Decide Fate of Kalen Schlatter

we invite you to decide in the court of social media & public opinion

as i write this on April 29, 2018 Kalen Schlatter is awaiting his first degree murder trial to start
in a Toronto, Canada prison
a Conversational Experiential Experimental Documentary
with Shalhavit and geo
geo geller
geo (at) or geogeller (at)

“as a documentary filmmaker you learn to listen and that a good talker is a better listener” – We invite you to listen and to decide for yourself in the court of public opinion – we also present character portraits of both Kalen Schlatter and Shalhavit by Shalhavit, excerpted from “Beast Behind Beauty” documentary, in progress, in the hopes that it will present another view and can be used as testimony in court, if the court so pleases

printable black and white

Geo ————————– Shalhavit

printable black and white —– printable color

You Decide Fate of Kalen Schlatter
audio excerpted of conversation in order as it unfolded – unedited
Shalhavit & geo
video available

the first playlist below has all the 5 raw unedited videos so you can see how it unfolded

all relevant videos broken down into segments
more details below videos as well as titles and links to media articles l

You-Decide – Shalhavit talking about fantasy – character portrait

You Decide -Shalhavit finding out about Kalen and reading back facebook messages

You Decide Fate of Kalen Schlatter – reading articles and messages

You Decide Fate of Kalen Schlatter – articles and reading first degree murder charge

You Decide – Shalhavit final words to investigators

You Decide Fate of Kalen Schlatter – prologue and epilogue

FYI: First a little back ground about me & Shalhavit

my name is geo geller, i am 73 years young, some might say i’m a new york city very independent self-taught documentary filmmaker – i tell people i make documentaries for people who aren’t born yet! – I happen to be an inventor and artist among other things and consider myself a social recluse and film a social sculpture among other things – my favorite hobby is eating “i eat quiet!” – i celebrate my issues and especially the gift of what some call learning disabilities –

i also happen to be passionate and curious about many things including but not limited too inventing, artist, social-sculpture, filmmaker, sculpture, fotographer, playwright, song-writer, ViZual Poet, sometimes i stumble on things and even make good-mistakes too among other things etc – – i am working on a number documentaries in parallel about a diverse group of people, places and issues that you don’t often hear about and who often don’t have a voice

fyi in full disclosure, as an inventor, i realized since i can’t memorize things and recently discovered that i have what is called a fluid intelligence, which is also a word for people who are also on the autistic spectrum, whatever that means – but could be reason why i write stream of consciousness – anyway, it maybe is why i have to get inside thing and people and become them to know myself and whatever i am interested which eventually led me to discovering documentary film-making because it allowed me to get inside of people – i also suffer from an incurable disease, curiosityitis and worse a social conscious among others – i have been called an Auto-Ethnographer because i am there in all of my documentaries i guess – my first and still ongoing umbrella for all my documentaries is called “a Self-Portrait of YOU-manity” came out of questions i was interested in, “what its like to be human?” and questions of identity “are we tribes, nations, religions or human beings first?” “who are we?” – eventually i would ask people “if you had to describe to people from another planet what it was like to be you-man what would you say?” which led me to “You Decide the Fate of Kalen Schlatter” story

i believe a good talker is a better listener and i invite you to listen to what Shalhavit has to say about Kalen Schlatter, and decide for yourself – i do experiential experimental non-linear stories, documentaries that allow the audience to participate by moving around non-linearly –

why i do documentaries you might ask? i am interested in what we can learn about ourselves and each other and in the end i am learning that all my art is about empathy “taking photographs (documentaries) is like making love” Henri Cartier-Bresson – food for thought you can reach me at geogeller (at) if you are the media leave name and number and i will respond asap

Shalhavit is a dear friend and a subject i have been filming for over five years originally for a collaborative documentary called the “Beast Behind Beauty” slaying the beast that keeps us from feeling beautiful – Shalhavit is a 35 year young Harvard Graduate, winner of many body & physical Fitness competitions, she is recovering from an eating disorder, anorexia, and addiction to exercising and is presently doing her PhD on Wellness – given her challenges Shalhavit – gives talks about many things she is passionate about but especially talking to young people about their issues and her healing – she self-heals herself by enjoying her mind and body and moving her body, dancing and mild exercise helps her copes while feeling alive – fyi she is gender fluid, considers herself gender neutral and a lover of people and life – you decide if she is believable

—– editors note and map ——

first Video is an attempt by me and Shalhavit to give you some context to what you are about to experience “You Decide the Fate of Kalen Schlatter” is a conversation that we decided we needed to do as an after thought, (fyi – rarely am i on camera, because its not about me its about the person in front of the camera but this time i felt i need to give some context to what we were doing and you are about to experience – i thought about using it as an epilogue or breaking it up too)

second video i felt it was important to introduce Shalhavit in her own words to give her and Kalen context as she shares her relationship to her body and fantasies that brought her to the gay bar as a safe heaven for single gay or straight people to go in the first place

third video in the course of filming April 28, and 29 2018 she tells me the story about meeting Kalen Schlattera and his mother Helga and her and their relationship and experience
and what followed over the course of 2 weeks in Toronto

forth video is her experience after she heard about Kalen from the investigator and 3 Canadian news media that Kalen Schlatter was the prime subject in a murder trial (see list and links at bottom of page)

fifth and beyond videos are media reports we discovered through an online search trying to figure out what the actually charges were that the prosecutor was claiming and why they went from second degree murder to first degree murder that as of this writing is still a mystery to Kalen’s mother and us

last video Shalhavit Final Words to Investigators

IN Depth Radio 1010 article below by JAMES MOORE – Monday, February 5th 2018

Six months before being charged with Tess Richey’s murder, alleged killer saved man being bludgeoned with hammer

Accused killer Kalen Schlatter makes court appearance via video, will appear again April 23Schlatter had his charges upgraded Wednesday to first-degree murder in the death of Tess Richey, 22.

Man charged with murder in Tess Richey’s death previously interviewed as witness in alleged attack
Nick Westoll

Group formed to write rules for review of Toronto police’s handling of missing-persons investigations by JUSTIN LING – SPECIAL TO THE GLOBE AND MAIL april 18 2018

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