The State Of Empathy

July 16, 2016


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State oF Empathy

The State Of Empathy

Care is about Caring
We have traded Empathy for Apathy & Fear

a documentary by geo geller

Conversations on The State Of Empathy & Beyond
geo geller
geo (at)

“The State Of Empathy” We have traded Empathy for Apathy & Fear – I have deciphered the handwriting on the wall and it says “Empathy” – The State of Empathy, a work-in-progress documentary, is at the same time a question, a reflection, a commentary an indictment, on who we are as individuals and as a society past, present and sadly it’s our future too! – Our goal is to take back the future, to plant thought-provoking seeds that nuture a culture of empathy, to seed Empathy Centers in all our institutions, education, community center, criminal injustice system, government, business, mental health center etc… as well as to transform the police into Empathy Crisis Squads – There is a long heart-felt need to create a culture that thrives and is about Care & Caring because “We the People of the Future” are hungry and need us to create more humane and respon-able culture – We have numbed and dumbed down ourselves to the point that our very humanity and our environment is endangered and we are like the frog in slow boiling water, believing in our own propaganda – unless we take back our future! we will remain on the top of the endangered species list and not know it – We believe we need to gather resources to re-educate society to be more empathetic in general if we want to have a more humane, peaceful and caring, innovative society – We also believe that those who are returning to freedom from prison or war or whatever, they need an empathetic society to welcome them with open arms or we will have to protect ourselves from them with lethal arms – Food for thought – more at about

Howard Bloom on Empathy & Beyond

“First you have to have empathy for yourself”
James Kusel – Bi-Polar Bear

“Compassion & Empathy for people who have had a mental break and for others who have suffered”
Issa Ibrahim -Survivor of 20 years in mental hospital

Prequel to Return to Eden – Issa Ibrahim – observations/insights from 20 years in a mental hospital, on the world, on empathy and beyond – teaser/trailer for full Return To Eden a conversation/documentary around a painting of the same name

Empathy – Entangled Relationships Between Objects – Cole Orloff at ITP-NYU spring 2016

Andy Dixon/Polk on Trust in prison from Felonism and ExCon With Convictions docs

Nectar Of Pain Howard Bloom on Loss of Identity a Journey Through Prison of CFS Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Hell and Back – teaser/trailer for full documentary excerpted from
Pondering The Imponderable with Howard Bloom by geo geller

Venida Browder, mother of Kalief Browder & Glenn E. Martin on State of Incarceration

Sheldon McElroy on the State of Empathy at State of Incarceration

State of Empathy – Ronald Simpson-Bey and Kara Lee Nelsen 4 15 2016

Yamira fighting the fight

Poetic JustUS

imagine justice

a film by geo geller
that asks the question
“What Does Justice Looks Like?” & “Is Justice Possible?”

work in progress
a social sculpture film, a collage of We The People
by geo geller – geo (at)

Other Side Of War You

war seen through the eyes of children/young people documentary

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