The State Of Empathy


The State oF Empathy @ DLD NYC 2016

The State Of Empathy @ DLD NYC 2016

We have traded Empathy for Apathy

a documentary by geo geller

Conversations on The State Of Empathy & Beyond
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all of the conversations in this one playlist and will play one after the other

Esther Wojcicki ( & Kunal Sood ( State of Empathy and Education at DLDnyc 2016

Morley on State of Empathy, Humanity, & Beyond at DLDnyc 2016

Danielle Maybach on State of Empathy, Activism & Education at DLDnyc

Bas Verhart of THNK on State of Empathy, Education Humanity, & Beyond at DLDnyc – part 1 and 2