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April 16, 2016

Nectar of Pain – Journey Through Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Hell

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a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) Journey Through Hell with Howard Bloom

NECTAR of Pain

a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) Journey Through Hell with Howard Bloom

Dante’s hell for Howard Bloom would have been a paradise!
excerpted from doc in progress “Pondering the Imponderable with Howard Bloom”
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Pondering the Imponderable with Howard Bloom by geo geller

“I wish i could get into words what it was like to lose your entire sense of being human…. I wish i could give you a sense of how you lose that sense of being real… you lose it when you lose your sense of having a future, when you’re stripped of your future you’re no longer anything! dust is even more important then you are, moats of dust dancing in the air is more important then you are… they have a place in life! they have a purpose in life, more then you do! you don’t have anything and that means something other then what you think it means – it means that there is a certain map of reality, and even nothing is on that map of reality somewhere and you aren’t on that map at all! you aren’t even nothing! Nothing would be an identity beyond the identity that you have – there is not even a word for you any more! and that’s scarier and weirder and more depressing and painful then you could possibly imagine………! by Howard Bloom watch here
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Howard Bloom spent 15 years under the guillotine of CFS – He invites us into his unimaginable world – experience through his eyes a fate worse then death a hell where to many at the gate of CFS is written Dante’s “Abandon all hope – Ye Who Enter Here” – to Howard hell would have been paradise compared to not living not dying, living a life without a life and eventually 15 years later like the butterfly coming out of the cocoon, a tomb, and crawling through the womb, through the birth canal he gives birth to himself

Howard’s journey unfolds in his own words, in a death defying act that defies description and the imagination – a voyage before during and after chronic fatigue syndrome where he was a prisoner of his mind and body at times unable to speak, to move, to think, to dream, to scream, to be or not be – trapped in a Shakespearean revolving door nightmare, a living death, in death do us part where yourself has departed and left you there between life and death, knocking on deaths door from inside the grave, till one day he accidentally stumbles on a concoction by trial and error that only a mad scientist like Howard would could discover, that not only saved his life from the oblivion of CFS but for him it was a fountain of youth and now at 71 he is stronger that he ever was and walks 3 to 6 miles, and talks up a storm trying to give us original thought to cogitate ergo sum – is a celebrated author of six books – holds court as a self described “OmKnowledgist” including the acclaimed Lucifer Principal and each day instead of pushing up roses he does between 400 and 750 pushups – Like a tree grows in Brooklyn, Howard Bloom is alive and well and growing up younger and stronger by the min in Brooklyn, my home town too.

Nectar of Pain is a stand alone doc excerpted from experiential experimental documentary “Pondering the Imponderable with Howard (OmKnowledgist) Bloom by geo geller a 24 hour + documentary – more at and you can reach me at geo (at)

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