The State Of Empathy

July 3, 2019

Empathy – Marcus Shingles on using VR & AR to Teach Empathy

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State oF Empathy

a work in progress experiential experimental documentary

Marcus Shingles
The State Of Empathy

Marcus Shingles on what Empathy and Virtual Reality have in common

Care is about Caring
“We are Not taught about how to develop the powers of empathy” Howard Bloom

“A Society that trades off Empathy for Apathy and Fear get’s what we are most afraid of” – geo geller
In a world full of people who couldn’t care less, be someone who cares more. Author Unknown
“Ripple effect of Empathy is going to change the world!” Oliver

“First you have to have empathy for yourself” James Kusel – Bi-Polar Bear

“Compassion & Empathy for people who have had a mental break and for others who have suffered”
Issa Ibrahim -Survivor of 20 years in mental hospital

geo geller
geo (at)

““The State Of Empathy” “A Society that trades off Empathy for Apathy and Fear get what we are most afraid of” – The State of Empathy is a work-in-progress documentary, that is a question, a reflection, a commentary and most of all an indictment on who we are as individuals, as a society, past, present and sadly the lack of empathy might be our future too! – “Our goal is to take back the future, to plant thought-provoking seeds that nurture a culture of empathy, to transform our dysfunctional society & our education, criminal injustice, government, business, mental health institutions that are built on fear and punishment into Empathy Centers… – ie Police Squads into Empathy Squads- Food for thought – more at about

Marcus Shingles

using virtual Reality to teach empathy
Formerly CEO XPRIZE, Partner Deloitte Consulting, Entrepreneur/Founder-currently Transforming Cities w/Friends & Partners

filmed at United Nations during (NovusSummit)

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