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April 16, 2016

Just Another Day In Paradise

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Just Another Day In Paradise

portrait of Paradise Truck Stop
geo geller
geo (at)

Just Another Day In Paradise – part 1- by geo geller – portrait of paradise – a day in the life in paradise truck stop as see through the eyes of cashiers, managers, waitresses, patrons, truck drivers and a local journalist who was called by one of the patrons who though i was with a network tv and wanted to find out what i was doing and he gave me some insights into paradise as well – on March 3 2012 i spent three days out of 3 weeks on the road with trucker Andy Dixon and we stopped at this Paradise Truck stop where i saw the sign – Just Another Day in Paradise and proceeded to photograph and record the people, place and things – this part 1 conversation with carol cook and teresa – there is conversations with the owner too – what i found intriguing was not only the truckers stories but the life of the town of Rochester Indiana where Paradise was, was devistatd by drugs and Meth

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