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July 26, 2016


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Poetic JustUS

What Justice Looks & Sounds Like

a social sculpture work in progress film collage of voices
geo geller
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i was filming and photographing at the Dec 13 2014 the MillonsMarchNYC in New York, a manifestation of humanity that started in Washington Sq Park –

The Poetic JustUs of “No Justice No Peace” signs and chants organized under the MillonsMarchNYC banner, Dec 13 2014 originated in Washington Sq Park NYC – i was standing under the Washington Sq Arch Monument asking people “What Justice Looked Like” and “if Justice Was Possible” – to me it was social sculpture of poetic symbolism of poetic JustUS – Justice for most of us is Just-Us – We the People are the US and it was Just Us out there battling windmills and mirages it seemed but young and old were united in trying to get the powers that be attention that we were tired of going along to get along when we know something is very very wrong
(continued below the video)

Comedy Barker times sq during July 7 2016 protest – The Rumor – aka Rick Flame and Mo Gelber

Poetic Justice – Power of One You Can Make a Difference Times sq Protest 7 7 2016


Yamira fighting the fight

as we the people flowed by me with a roar of humanity in the heat of the moment, trying to take back their future from the past and those powers that be that are not only changing the facts to fit their needs but holding on with an iron grasp till the last gasp – but the only things history has taught us is that today’s revolutionaries are often tomorrows tyrants and so the revolution, experiment of democracy that started by the founding fathers and mothers looks today, to many, what they were running away from –

like all the powers that be since before the beginning of recorded time, they are more about their control and maintaining their top down management position by fear at all cost, the laws rules and regulations they write and pass in the name of protecting us but who protects us from those who say they are protecting us – so what our so called representative preach the rule of law and justice they don’t follow and so it is Just-Us, POETIC JustUS –

the significance of where we were and who passed in our footsteps seemed to go un-noticed by the organizers and most of us, me included, until i researched the history of Washington Sq Park and Washington Arches – some facts paraphrased from wikipedia “in a poetic twist for many years around 1664 what is now called Washington Sq Park was first called “The Land of the Blacks,” because so called freed black slaves lived and farmed there but were a buffer zone against the hostile indigenous population, who in typical European white tradition treated the indigenous population unjustly in addition to add irony to the stew, the freed black slave children were born as slaves and now in an equally unjust twist of poetic justice its called Washington Square Park… and dominated by the Washington Square Arch, with a tradition of celebrating nonconformity… built In 1889, to celebrate the centennial of George Washington’s inauguration as president of the United States…. and was were the march started

The inscription on the Washington Sq Arch reads:

let us raise a standard to which the wise and the honest can repair. the event is in the hand of god. — Washington”

to me the manifestation was dedicated to the fading American dream which many of the people marching were seriously questioning and concerned about as you can hear in their comments about what justice looks like

i couldn’t believe how many people were there – had to be over 50,000 because the line of people never stopped walking through the Washington Sq arches – you can see for yourself – a timelapse video somebody shot from their 29st window

be well

geo geller

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